Using of social media sites is the most common activities of the teenager today and even adults hooked up in these sites. Social media sites like Facebook offer many opportunities for connecting friends, classmates and sometimes the people shared their interest thru Facebook. This is also the way of some people to connect their families abroad. For some this is the new way of making friends. They keep on chatting and exchanging conversation and in an instance you have a friend thru chatting! For adolescence, using social media has a deeper meaning. They are extending their views and help others thru this. Social media can affect in many aspects likes cyber bullying or online harassment which is most common in the teenager.

Watching too much television and too much video game for most of the children, takes away for their school homework. And in school they are too sleepy because of the overtime gaming and watching television. Because of without supervision of their parents, the teenager can watch violence and crime, such as (murder, suicide and rape). In social media there are many advertisements like banners, and ads. But because we don't understand what the advertisement is all about, we are curious to buy.

When the internet user browses the internet and visits many web sites; there is no privacy. The users keep on browsing to the extent they can open the sites prohibited for them. Internet have no secure connection of stop viewing of porn, because of no guidance they keep on viewing and keep opening the sites. And because of the curiosity, they do what they saw in the internet. But in the other way media have positive help on the teenager not only for the teenager but for all of us.

Through media we know the news all over the world. Media is helping us in easy communication and it is accessible in reaching out the people in need all over the world. Our daily activities depend on media and technology. First thing in the morning, you watch televisions to watch the news. Or you might buy a make-up that your favourite celebrity is using it. Media have a positive and negative effect and it's up to us people how we are to use it. We are using it, be responsible on how we use the media, before posting in any comments in face book think twice if you are posting is really good. Don't make comments if not so important.